Ladell Whitman-Hodge. (Daughter of Ever Johnson-Whitman, grand daughter of Henry & Emma Lockett-Johnson)
(1st Picture in this album)

Ladell Whitman-Hodge

Ladell Whitman-Hodge is the daughter of Eva Johnson-Smith-Whitman, grand-daughter of Henry & Emma Lockett-Johnson.

Descendants:  Odean Hodge-Campbell (deceased), Ollie Hodge-Gay (deceased), Vestura Hodge-Harrison (deceased), Julius Everett Hodge (deceased), Normaline (Red) Hodge-Jefferson (Atlanta, Texas), Willie Katherine Hodge-Gipson (Petty) Los Angeles, Blanche Hodge-Dilworth (Tassie) (San Francisco), Walter Hodge (deceased) Virgil N. Hodge (deceased)
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