For reunion information contact the following Team Leaders
(click on an email link to email specific team leader)

                                              Martha Campbell-Blanchard
                                                     (707) 399-0432
                                                 Hospitality Team Lead

                            Loretta Ward                    Carol Taylor
                        (214) 862-2033                     (214) 264-1481
                       Finance Team Lead                   Web Admin & Graphics
                                                                               Team Lead                   
                                      Reunion Planning Committee:
                              Alicia Taylor, CA - Youth & Young Adult Team Lead
                               Carol Taylor, TX - Web Admin & Graphics Team Lead
                              Debra Fletcher, CA - Activities Team Lead
                              Carol Taylor, TX - Fundraiser Team Lead
                              Jaynes Marquez, GA - Programming Team Lead
                              Loretta Ward, TX - Finance Team Lead
                              Margaret Gates, OR - T-Shirts Team Lead
                              Martha Campbell-Blanchard, CA - Hospitality Team Lead