The Walton Family reunion began in the year 2000 in the city of Portland, Oregon.  The reunion was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004.
In 2004 the Johnson Family attended the reunion and it was there that we came to know many of our extended family.
Thus every two years we come together in Love, Fellowship & Unity to the "WALTON-JOHNSON Family Reunion".
Walton-Johnson Family History
It all began in the small town of Linden, Texas that is located in the heart of the Piney Woods Region of Northeast Texas, in the county seat of Cass County, Texas.
Ellen Walton (1863-1941), birthed four children George, Mack, Rosa Allie and Willie Osborne Walton. Henry Johnson was recorded to be the father of Rosa Allie and son Willie Osborne Walton.  Ellen raised her four children on one hundred and fifty (150) acres of land, situated off Hwy 59 that she purchased on January 2, 1899 as recorded in the deed of Cass County, Texas on the aforementioned date.

This purchased land was fully satisfied and conveyed to Ellen Walton on January 13, 1903. A second agreement of ten (10) acres was purchased December 3, 1902 and paid in full January 5, 1904.

She was by far a great entrepreneur and provider who has left a legacy that is hard to match. How many of us today are able to purchase 160 acres of land? I will leave that question for us all to answer. She has definitely inspired and left a footprint for us to follow. 

Henry Johnson (deceased 1936) was the owner of a nearby farm that was shared with his wife Emma Lockett-Johnson and their children Gertrude, Mattie, Eva, Prince Arthur and Warren Johnson.

As the history of the Johnson descendants began to unfold, the relations of the two families become more apparent with each introduction.

Our first meeting of the Johnson family as we know it today, was meeting Thom Pruitt, the grandson of Prince Arthur Johnson; son of Imogene Johnson-Pruitt.

As the desire grew to locate other families we were led to the descendants of Eva Johnson-Whitman. Daughters Ladell Whitman-Hodge and Murray Lee Whitman-Love are two of thirteen children born to Eva. 

With great anticipation we met Ladell’s daughter, Blanche Hodge-Dilworth. Blanche introduced the children and their families of her sisters Odean Hodge-Campbell & Vestura Hodge-Harrison.

The family circle continued to grow as we came together with Mary Francis Love-Sheppard, daughter of Murray Lee Whitman-Love.

Determined to connect with other family members it was a blessing to find the descendants of Warren Johnson & wife Nancy Spencer-Johnson. 

Their son, Arlee Johnson is one of twelve children born to this union and of his descendants we have met brothers Stanley & Cecil Johnson to name a few of Arlee’s sixteen children.

These are just a few branches connecting the Walton-Johnson family. Will you take the time to know your family and teach your children?

Today, the Walton-Johnson family live in many states that extends to Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Oregon, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, Rhode Island, Washington, Texas and Virginia.
(Recount of history told by Mrs. Thressia Del Colbert) Portland, Oregon